Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek!

Here is an item from the magical item list I mentioned yesterday. Its just one of the 200+ magic items I am converting from D&D for Dungeon World. The finished product will have random tables for the GMs who just like to let fate decide what magic items his/her players get. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this free sample: The Marvelous Pigments!

Marvelous Pigments; 3 uses, 1 weight

Created by a mage who was gifted in both arcane and classical art, anything you paint with them will become real. Painting a door on a wall allows you to pass through it. Painting a feast makes real, edible food. When you paint a creature, place, or object with the marvelous pigments, spend 1 use and roll:

• +1 if you have something to reference.

• +1 if you use high quality art brushes.

• +1 if you have plenty of time and don’t rush.

• +1 if you have an artistic background.

On a 10+ the painting is a masterpiece! When

it becomes real, it is as if it were the original subject in every way. On a 7-9 it looks real enough, but upon close inspection some flaws and imperfections can be seen (painted food tastes a bit off, a person may have strange

proportions, etc).

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  1. Cute 🙂

    The text 7-9 result implies that the problems are only visual (flaws and imperfections can be seen), but then the examples contain painted food tasting wrong. Perhaps just say that close inspection “reveals flaws and imperfections” (plus your current examples), which leaves the nature of the flaws more open.

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