13 thoughts on “Looking to Hire a GM”

  1. is this common? I run games for fun and I think getting paid to do it would make it weird. For example it the PCs die or if they don’t get the items they want. then they could stop paying. it just could turn into a P2W game. I know not everyone would treat it this way but I would rather run a game for fun then have the pressure of money involved. I had a DM that had lots of experience but I did not have fun at his table.

  2. I enjoy GMing and have been with DW from the start. I’ve GMed many many systems since I was 9 (am 30 now) what type of session do your group like? (For example my style leans towards dark fantasy/ horror rather than high fantasy goblin slaying)

  3. Payment I only ask that you help me grow as a GM as much as I will help you grow as a player. And if your require any specific playbook or Xworld then your group help with the cost of me aquiring it in order to GM as well as possible.

  4. I live in NY and I run games every sunday night currently for Dungeon World. I would like to hear more about the position, as in my opinion, what better a job then doing it with something you love.

    Edit: I have considered Pay GM’ing on Roll20 (Because they have that feature). First Session and character creation would be free. As you should get the feel of the game and GM before you just open up your pockets.

  5. I’d be interested in running games in this sort of arrangement. We could use the Roll20 pay GM feature; I have a Roll20 pro licence. I am a game designer and have been running games including Dungeon World for years. I am in Vancouver Canada, (GMT -7)

    BTW: What is the going rate for GMing a game like this? [edit] I see on your stream some one suggesting 5$ per player per hour… 20$ and hour makes sense.

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