Some questions about Adventuring Gear: What are some common Items players pull from their adventuring gear?

Some questions about Adventuring Gear: What are some common Items players pull from their adventuring gear?

Some questions about Adventuring Gear: What are some common Items players pull from their adventuring gear? what are some of the more odd things your players have packed in their gear.

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  1. Interested… a couple questions to tack on: how do you (or others) handle the gear becoming “real” once the player declares using it? Can they sell it? Does it take up additional weight? What about when you’re using the “use up their gear” move, say, as they’re traversing a dangerous bridge, and slip a bit (a 7-9 defy danger result, where the hard choice/ worse outcome is obviously falling a great distance, or using up a use of their adventuring gear?) I guess in hindsight, it’d be best to ask the character what gear they had on them to recover (but if they recover it, it’s not really “used up”), but I pictured it more as stuff falling out of their backpack… but I couldn’t describe exactly what that “stuff” was, as it’s up to them to declare what it is. (a player chided my describing a coil of rope falling out as presuming that choice, but I countered that they could always just declare another use of rope out of their remaining uses).

  2. What if using up their resources is listing something it can’t be without burning a point of Adventuring Gear? Like, some rope falls out. Now you can’t pick rope when you use your adventuring gear. If you recover it, hey, free rope! Kind of a soft version of using up their resources…

  3. Well, to set the scene a bit, the halfling thief and human ranger got across fine, but the Dwarven cleric was the last to go across, and had the setback. What you’re describing is sort of what the other player chided me for, “wait, now that means he can’t choose rope anymore, because you’ve decided he lost it, but it’s the player’s choice of what they can get from adventuring gear”. So my resolution was to just say that he could have packed multiple coils of rope in there, and is still free to select that for a future use of his gear — but one use is definitely marked off (a FAR better outcome than falling down into the ravine).

  4. All of what has been mentioned, plus:

    Grappling Hook


    Poultice and Herbs (When a druid used her gear)





    Hammer (tool)

    Also, as far as the “using adventuring gear on a 7-9” goes, I do this often. I just describe a crunch or snap that comes from inside of their gear and tell them something was damaged and to mark off a use of adventuring gear. Or I tell them, you can avoid this, if you use X from your adventuring gear. If they don’t want to spend a use or they don’t think their character would have packed that item, then they suffer whatever awaits them.

  5. Scott Selvidge​ I specifically denied a request to pull antitoxin, as it has its own entry, and is significantly more expensive than “mundane gear”, same rule for healing potions. Apparently, it didn’t break your game though, so it gets back to DW’s flexibility on minor things like that.

  6. In general, I agree with that approach Charles Gatz. But I’ll also let it slide for specifics. Like, if you had some sort of alchemist PC, I might let you draw antitoxin from your Adventuring Gear once in a moment of need. But we’d be clear that it was the only one you had, no more adventuring gear for it.

    Similarly: I often let my players tailor what’s in their adventuring gear based on their class and background. Like, the Artificer had these volatile glowsticks. Usually they were just a light source, but if cracked open they were basically lighter fluid. Wouldn’t have let the Fighter pull the same thing, but it jived with the Artificer’s skills and background (and both I and the PCs got creative with their use).

    I really do like the “oh crap, something fell out of/broke in your adventuring gear” and deciding that it was the rope/lamp oil/etc. and making a note of “no more rope” until they get a chance to resupply. It might not come up again, but I’ll now be keeping my eyes open for a scene where they sure could use a rope/lamp oil/etc.

  7. I once had some very fiction-thinking players whose thief needed a grappling hook. Rather than pulling a grappling hook the thief pulled some rope and the ranger pulled some metal stakes he was going to use to secure his tent to the ground (or something like that). Then the Fighter used bend bars to bend them into shape. So it used two AG uses, but it was a cool roleplaying scene with all the characters working together to create a grappling hook.

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