So here is my reworking of my WOD Elf class.

So here is my reworking of my WOD Elf class.

So here is my reworking of my WOD Elf class. I overhauled Fey and perilous Wrath the most. I think it works even as a Dungeon World race/class move. Biggest change is ability 3.

Elves get wood lore as their skill. Choose two special abilities:. 1 Free spirit (you are immune to all enchantments, aging magic, natural, disease, and magic affecting those with souls.). 2 Sleepspell(with music or song, you may put all in near range who hear into light slumber.) 3 Fay and Perilous Wrath (When roused, you take on a terrifying appearance [increased height, fiery eyes, radiate light or heat, speak in thunderous roar or serpentine hiss] Enemies will flee, flinch, or be compromised) 4 Faery song (as long as you sing this song (2 minutes max) and both of you are undisturbed, you or another creature turn into a mist form of yourself, allowing you to pass through keyholes or under doors, and hold light objects gently, [you have no strength in this form for work or violence]

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  1. I like it, but it feels like abilities 2-4 are just spells. Like you could make an ability called “Spell Caster” or “Fey Magic” and list these as potential spells to either start with or learn later.

    Not familiar with your setting, but may i brainstorm some potential abilities?

    Woodcraft (Your kin are familiar with the forest and all it has to offer. You easily construct wooden tools or supplies when timber is within reach.)

    Softly but Swiftly (Not a branch or leaf out of its place. You can quietly pass through wooded area unheard or tracked)


    Delicate Form (You are naturally slender and lean. Gain +2 towards damage rolls where precision is needed)


    Delicate Form (Your talent is not of brute strength, but one of precision and counter measures. When attacked in melee, you may counter and deal +1 damage.)

  2. Robert Doe Good points. I thought the elf wrath was more transformation like a druid and less like spell. Inspiration for class came from

    1 Norse mythology

    2 Tuatha de Danaan (moves

    3 traditional legends about Fay folk

    4 the more magic focused elf of osric Dnd

    I was trying for something inspired by retro sourses but breaking the mold at the same time. I have some moves from the hand to hand fighter that would be good to move over such as

    1 In control (once a day, turn a partial success into a full success)

    2 elusive (minus a 1d6 damage whenever your effectively focusing on defense over offense.)

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