Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

I am looking to start a play by post Dungeon World game on slack! I am looking for one person, primarily, but could be persuaded to do two. The game will take place in a mutually created world, where we will take turns, MicroscopeRPG style, to define areas and history.

I intend for this to be quite a long running game with a definite growth in character power, so let me start by saying this game won’t be for everyone. Think of lowly adventurer becomes guild leader, hero of the White City, or abolisher of slavery type deal. The game will most definitely be sandbox, and while plot hooks will be laid down, if you don’t pick them up, some other adventurer *probably will. It’s a big world after all.

Hopefully with 1 (or 2) players we can keep the posting relatively frequent. Once a day, but with slack a post can be as quick as a text.

Again, looking for a “yes, this is something grand-scale that I want to commit to and develop”, rather than, “yeah why not”.

Please comment for more information or send me a message. I have been wanting to try this for a long time, and am quite excited to get started :)! Not going to lie, very much inspired to finally begin this after seeing some other play by posts mentioned here. Definitely not trying to steal their thunder.

If you’re unsure about me, I’d also be happy to do a short prequel session so we can get a feel for each other’s styles.

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  1. Don’t know how to PM on G+ so I’m gonna start a public 1 on 1 conversation like some geezer on facebook. I’ve actually been itching for something like this myself. I’m into the idea of a prequel sesh, because I wouldn’t want us both to get stoked and find our styles don’t jive. But from the sound of your post I think we may be on a similar wavelength. I’ve always been more about the long-form stuff and character/world development. I’d love to get some more info, and good luck with this project!

  2. Orion Wright PMing on G+ is not intuitive so you shouldn’t feel bad. You go to your home or profile, start a new post, and set it so that it only goes to that person (bringing up their name if you don’t follow them is a crap shoot). Even then, you need to tag them in the post to ensure they see it.

  3. I did that once, or at least something like it, with an old group i played with. The GM had a character that would function more or less like an NPC when he was GMing, but then occasionally I would GM and he would play that character, while mine was an NPC.

    This was done with a group though, so it wasn’t as easy.

    That being said, i would LOVE to give this a shot, maybe in the sense of doing one-shots with eachother, and then maybe tying the next one into that one (IE, our characters living in the same world and only ever seeing the results of what the other does).

  4. Hey Mark Weis!

    Yeah that actually sounds really cool! If two people were sufficiently interested, I think two distinct but connected players would be the way I’d want to do it. You may meet from time to time, but by and large your stories would be separate.

    Thanks to Jason’s tutorial 😛 I have messaged you privately Orion Wright a day or so ago, have you received that? I would love to set up that prequel session for each of you to see if our styles mesh. I’ll send that message to you too Mark soon. In the mean time, do send me any questions you can think of.

  5. David de Jongh Thanks! I’m stoked.

    Just a thought: what if Orion Wright and my characters worked seperately on our own individual things, and it eventually worked out that our characters were working on the same thing, and we finally come together for one massive climactic adventure?!

    That would be interesting, especially when done in a way that makes us think we’re on our own on this, and Lady and the Tramp style, we meet in the middle after following our two ends. Even better, it could lead to some great RP when our unique points of view on it get thrown against eachother, or even PVP if we get to the middle and we’re on opposite sides of the problem!

    Again, so stoked for this, and i’ll send you my Slack info when i get your PM.

  6. David de Jongh I’ve done a fair amount of play-by-post in the last year and in the end I got really into running games for just one player. I’d love to have a little chat with you about your perspective and experience.

    As was already mentioned in this thread, PMs are not intuitive on G+, but if you’re interested and available, you could get in touch with me on Hangouts chat or a private thread here on G+.

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