10 thoughts on “So I did a monster.”

  1. Good idea. Here are some thoughts:

    I’m wondering when the creature would use the move “tighten it’s grasp” other than to strangle someone, seems redundant.

    Strangle implies it only attacks when it can go for the kill. Consider adding the tags stealthy and/or devious, and moves like “show up tantalizingly in plain sight,” and/or “slink about when no one is looking.”

    With the hoarder tag, maybe a move like, “incorporate a tiny precious object into it’s form.”

    I get that you used the monster rules to generate the hp and armor, but since the thing is harmless once you rip it off your neck it feels out of place. Fighting this creature isn’t about attack and counter attack as much as ripping it off before you pass out and die. I see it as a DD STR to get it off and maybe a DD CON to not pass out if you fail to rip it off. Perhaps a custom move for the struggle, not sure. Once it is ripped off it probably scurries away to safety in some unreachable crevice (“retreat through a small opening”), though if you can land a hit on it I imagine the thing would just be smashed. Although hitting it a bunch and not being able to break the thing easily would be a juicy “reveal an unwelcome truth.” If you are going to keep the high HP and armor, maybe a move like “leap at a throat.” Makes me think of the bunny from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, haha.

  2. Clearly I changed it after you started typing all that, but before you finished. some of those suggestions have been implemented. some of the others might.

  3. In any case, I changed it again. tweaked “tighten its grasp” rather than discarding it entirely so I could kind of fold in your tantalizing idea. It’s already got gems and metals as special qualities, maybe change that to precious metals.

  4. Josh C not what I meant. I was just thinking if people pick up the next issue of #Plundergrounds, this would be a good addition to use in those settings.

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