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  1. there are several bundles out there where all of the playbooks revolve around one core theme, but i have never run one (although i’d love to)

    I have, however, run a campaign where everyone uses a Villager playbook, which makes them Level 0 essentially, and that so far has worked out pretty well– they’ve all made it to lvl 1 characters

  2. Javier Gaspoz It’s the Villager class from Peter Johansen’s “War and Wonders” bundle. It gives everyone access to the basic moves as well as moves for assigning stats and writing bonds as you play, creating a truly “level 1” experience the helps you work towards becoming an adventurer

    Yochai Gal nope, i’m not a fan of the lack of HP in funnel world

  3. I have played in or run a number of games where all the play books are non-core or even custom built from Class Warfare. The key thing is to ensure the selected play books are not stepping on each other’s toes in terms of what they can do.

  4. I rarely ever see the core classes in my games. I am either making custom classes, allowing outside custom classes, or giving my players access to Grim World Classes for use.

    I Think Even Mark Weis was one of my players at one point, and if im not mistaken. used my Monster Tamer Class. If I am wrong then sorry I know his name was mark something with a w.

  5. I’ve only ever run games with just the core classes, but I’ve been thinking of adding some third party options to the game I’m about to start running. What does everyone think are the best third party class options?

  6. Stephen Karnes That is a very good question. The Mage by Jacob Randolph is good, as is his Artificer. The Awful Good Games playbooks are fantastic, offering classes that fix problems in the existing ones, as well as their own. Dwarfare Games has got some good classes (insert shameless plug for my Krasis here). And of course, there is no better class than the one you write yourself; that is to say, you will almost never find a pre-existing class that offers exactly what you’re looking for, you have to make it yourself

  7. I use the Mage, Priest & Templar elusively in my games – I think they play to DW’s strengths (improv & roleplay) and are less confusing to new players.

    I strongly recommend the Alternative Minimalist Playbooks on DTRPG if you go this route.

  8. Thanks for the advice. I grabbed the Playbooks of the Undead from Awful Good Games last night as my group wants to do a Ravenloft type setting for our upcoming campaign. I also got their Vancomancer, and I’ll look into the Mage, as I’ve never been satisfied with the core wizard. Who made that one Yochai Gal ?

    Mark Weis I made my own black metal inspired Bard a while back, I may offer that to them as an option as well, as it fits the theme they’re looking for.

  9. Stephen Karnes Mage is in Jacob Randolph’s Alternative Playbooks

    and that’s fantastic! i have found that making your own classes will greatly help your understanding of how moves trigger

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