Eater Eggs

Eater Eggs

Eater Eggs

These brightly colored eggs belong to the Two-Fanged Haire. Its young are hidden away where children may find them and care for them. Once the gestation period is up, the young Two-Fanged Hares are born with an insatiable hunger. Feeding on the children that cared for them, these hares quickly mature within a few days.

Two-Fanged Haire

Vicious, Oversized

Leaping Two-Fange Bite (Piercing 2, 1d4+3)

>Leap at its pray

>Decapitate the unsuspecting

>Lay and hide brightly colored eggs

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  1. what is the “oversized” tag? maybe you should put it as “small” so it’s more comparable to other monsters, as anything could be oversized.

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