4 thoughts on “Just picked up Funnel World and Bootkickers; anyone have thoughts on pros/cons of these systems?”

  1. Freebooters on the Frontier, I meant to say, is like a Torchbearer / Dungeon Crawl Classic type mod for DW by Lampblack. Seems fun, but haven’t tried it out yet. Less about story and world building and more about just seeing how long you can make it.

  2. Oh, ha yeah I have it. I like it a lot; in fact the Magic User playbook inspired me to convince one of my players to switch from Wizard to the Alternative Mage class.

  3. I enjoyed my first experience using them with the Ghost Ship Demeter funnel as a solo session. The traits generated by Funnel World gave it just a bit more interaction between them. Now that the three remaining characters are 1st level, I plan on using The Perilous Wilds to generate a dungeon for them to die in.

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