What platform do you use for Dungeon World?

What platform do you use for Dungeon World?

What platform do you use for Dungeon World?

Do you guys mostly play on Roll20? Hangouts? Some other platform? Have you ever tried the pay games? I wondered about trying them out to see if they are better since people charge for it, but I hesitate to pay for a game I may not enjoy.

Anyone had experience with this?

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  1. Dice rolling, maps, character sheets, sharing pictures of creatures and scenery, keeping the basic moves and whatever else as communal documents so all your references are in the same tab. I’ve had GMs use the soundtrack feature, which adds a lot of atmosphere.

    Main thing it can’t do is a communal document that requires regular editing, like an adventure log/notes section; since edits don’t update in real time, multiple people having a document open can save over one another and lose information (probably not a great explanation, but the takeaway is that Google Docs does it better).

  2. I usually use Google Hangouts w/ a shared google doc and any of a variety of online die-rollers. I tried Roll20 and found that the things it added didn’t pay for the sluggishness of the interface. I have a custom google docs I use which allows for everyone to have their own sheet on their own page which is fully customized to the character they’re playing. At the top I post questions to be answered, and then the answers as the players generate them.

    I usually only do one-shot adventures online, though.

  3. Honestly, all I want is a group video chat with a visual dice roller that everyone can see. Hangouts with dice was great, but I guess third party mods doesn’t work on hangouts anymore.

  4. I prefer the old reliable table I use to play RPGs with my friends ^_^

    I’ve tried hangouts and Roll20 for multiple games. Nothing compares to sitting around the table with your friends.

    When thats not an option, anything that allows voice and video communication is more than enough.

    If you can also share some screens its fine, but I usually share a GDrive doc and we use it when a map is needed. Not so much time.

    Roll20 just adds innecesary noise to the mix. Paid services add even more noise.

  5. I most likely wouldn’t pay to play. It might come down to supply and demand though… If I can’t find a free game (supply is low) and I REALLY want to play (Demand is high) then maybe I’d pay for a game. Thankfully, I haven’t had that problem (yet?), but the fact the there are people who pay indicates that that’s not true for everyone.

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