New Danger Type: Internal Demons

New Danger Type: Internal Demons

New Danger Type: Internal Demons

For a campaign I started earlier this week I made an Adventure Front for each character (The Thief’s Tale, The Cleric’s Tale) so that they could each have their own pasts coming into play, as well as a Campaign Front for the main story arc.

I didn’t think about it until I was eating dinner tonight, but all of the dangers in the book are external (Organizations, Hordes, Cursed Places, etc.). But with each character having their own front, I started thinking about internal dangers.

Here’s what I have so far. I’m still thinking about the GM Moves, but I think they should write themselves.

Nightmares (to prevent sleep)

Addiction (to cause dependency)

Memory Loss (to confuse)

Unwelcome Memories (to remind of failure or loss)

Disease (to consume from within)

Delusion (to create beliefs contrary to the norm)

EDIT: I reworded the Delusion Impulse

3 thoughts on “New Danger Type: Internal Demons”

  1. Interesting. I like the idea, but it seems like the creation of these should be more on the player’s side – the GM shouldn’t be the one saying “oh here’s how addiction affects you!”

  2. I agree. It should be something that comes out of character backgrounds or be closely relate to the fiction. I won’t add any of these to the character’s adventure fronts UNLESS we can make it work within the fiction.

    Taking a hard blow to the head may cause Memory Loss, a demon torturing someone may cause Nightmares, a young child begging for food may cause Unwelcome Memories, etc. It’s something I’ll have to test and play around with.

  3. In a game I never ran, I built Delusions as low level invisible creatures resembling viruses the size of a raven that attach to a character’s head, whispering bad ideas into it, and feeding off the anxiety and horror they feel.

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