The Majestic Man-taur

The Majestic Man-taur

The Majestic Man-taur

Look sharp lads, we’ve got riders ahead! No knowing if they’re hostile, so keep those weapons… What in the name of the gods are those mounts? Hanuman’s Stones! Are those men riding… other men? Instinct: to expel trespassers


Cautious, Group, Intelligent, Organized, Terrifying

1 Armor, 10 HP

Hunting Bow D6 damage, 1 piercing

Close, Near

Special Qualities: Fleet-footed, Multiple Organ Systems


– Cause discomfiture with its aberrant anatomy

– Summon the herd for support

– Drive foes before a thundering charge

It took longer than I said, but I made good on my promise. Man-taur illustration by:

7 thoughts on “The Majestic Man-taur”

  1. lol… i only caught a few episodes of the original animated series. was it good Chris Stone-Bush?

    i thought the movie was an interesting take on dystopia at the very least.


  2. I saw this picture shortly before my Edge of Empire session where the players are running around on a dangerous jungle planet, and so I adapted this to be a half gorilla, half gorilla monster… It was epic and terrifying.

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