I joined this community a bit ago, but it has taken this long to get a campaign going.

A few posts tonight, starting with a rules clarification:

Animal companions. Let’s say my Ranger, Robyn, has a wolf with scouting. They are poking around a forest together and we decide Discern Realities gets activated. The Ranger has a wis of +2, and the wolf has a cunning of +2. Do we add 4 to the roll? In the moment I handled it as “you can add your bonus, or the wolf’s, but not both”. If I allow both, the only way they fail that roll is if the dice show a 2. What is correct?

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  1. If you’re working with your animal companion in something it si trained in, add its cunning to your roll. If you think the wolf’s training in scouting helps here, add the +2, for a total of +4.

  2. I’d be very shy about handing out a +4 to any roll. That said, be a fan of the characters and let them have an “I got this” moment when the fiction and the moves come together.

    I design playbooks to build in those moments, so I’m not gonna say you’re doing it wrong if someone manages to wring a +4 out of their moves.

  3. As Peter J​ said, whenever the Ranger works with their animal companion in something its trained in, you get both bonuses. So in this case, yes. The Ranger gets to roll with a +4 bonus.

    Also, remember that a 6- is not a failure. It’s a miss. It doesn’t necessarily mean the Ranger didn’t succeed at what they were attempting. It just means you, the GM have to make a GM move.

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