Page World – A Dungeon World hack by Brian Holland

Page World – A Dungeon World hack by Brian Holland

Page World – A Dungeon World hack by Brian Holland

“Live like real people. Get a small party; those that feel the need to be free… take quests as they come… Never be under the heel of nobody ever again.” Find a Party. Find a Quest. Keep Adventuring!

Tabletop Terrors: Learn to Play D&D talks about creating a mission statement for your design goals, and that has really helped me with this. The mission statement for this project was “I want to create a one-page fantasy questing game using Dungeon World rules, that feels like Firefly.”

I built this because some friends wanted to “play a fantasy version of Firefly”. I love Firefly and Dungeon World, but didn’t want to make a bunch of classes or moves, so I attempted to abstract everything down as much as possible.

This is version 1.0 and we’ll be playing tonight. Any and all feedback will be most happily received (even if you tell me it’s crap!).

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  1. Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look at Skycutters. Joe Banner can you post a link. I’m watching Out of Gas right now (my favoriute episode) because I wanted to hear exactly what Mal said to Zoe when he first showed her the ship.

    Also, I made it “Page World” instead of “Firefly World” because I want it to be more versatile. You can change the description text, the quest givers and the rewards and make it feel like anything you want… Star Trek, Star Wars, Leverage. A few very simple changes to make it feel different.

  2. Skycutters looks awesome! I’m reading it right now (and watching Ariel, my second favorite episode, which also just happens to be the next episode on the disc lol)

  3. Thanks Colin Kierans. Yeah, without classes, moves and stats I feel that’s the only way I could handle it. Stats (Descriptors) and classes (Roles) do exist, but at a much more abstracted level.

    So your character get bonuses for acting in ways that those things apply towards, but get a -1 for acting in ways totally unfamiliar to them: a Strong Orc Healer would get + 1 to healing, or a + 2 to breaking through a gate. But she’ll get a -1 if she tries to seduce a merchant.

    There are two things I’ll be tweaking when we play tonight:

    1) I want to find a better racial skill for the Dwarf

    2) Without XP the Bonds are very different than DW. I’ve written Bonds as giving a + 1 forward, but I may end up doing something sightly different with it. My thoughts are a bonus d4 (so that it’s easy to track; you either have one or you don’t) that you can add to any single roll. You can only have one at a time, once you use it it’s gone, and you have to decide to use it before you roll your 2d6.

    These are some things I’ll talk about with my friends tonight.

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