#DungeonWorld #Monster

#DungeonWorld #Monster

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#DungeonWorld #Monster

Sword Breaker Skeleton, aka Pincushion

Solitary, Construct, Terrifying

Charge (b[2d10] + 4 damage, + 4 piercing); 20HP; 4 armor;

Close, Forceful, Reach, Messy, Near

Instinct: Collect weapons

Special Qualities: The sword breaker skeleton is a abhorrent creation; a skeleton that has been reanimated after being dipped in molten metal and instilled with the desire that can’t be sated to take hold of weapons with its very body. Those that hear tales of them laughably call them Pincushions. Only fools that have never encountered one would make such a stupid analogy. Sword breakers are singular in their pursuit and are surprisingly strong and quick. Many have dozens of sharp surfaces protruding from their being and more than a few display the rotting remains of their last adversaries upon those jutting points.


Impale its adversary

Charge into a group

Trap a weapon in its body

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