Looking for some creature ideas to flesh out the world.

Looking for some creature ideas to flesh out the world.

Looking for some creature ideas to flesh out the world. They don’t all have to be monsters for the party to fight, you can just suggest a cool concept for a fish in the river or something.

The setting is they are on a subcontinent called “Nevwreth,” which was recently afflicted by a plague that could infect both humans, animals, and even plants. Twisting and mutating anything it infected, so would get off easy, with maybe a change of eye color, or a leaper’s face, while others could grow tails or a second heart. The most extreme changes, if they don’t kill the person, can leave them as abominations with minimal comparison to a healthy person.

The plague has since run its course and the land has begun the slow process of recovery, but in the absence of law and authority in the continent in the wake of the plague, monsters, witches, cults, and all manner of evil have moved in (so feel free to go wild, if you want to have a 5 headed rat with a scorpion tail, it can not only exist, but is a full on species).

I have the general geography mapped out in hexgrapher, if you want to look at it for ideas. Though should be noted that most of the stuff on it is subject to change till the party gets to it. Some towns have been increased in size, others have shrunk depending on how the fiction works out


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  1. Patrick Schenk​ I posted a special move and monster earlier today that might work for you. It’s an enormous grub that really isn’t meant to be killed, it’s just a part of the world you have to deal with.

  2. I wrote this out on the Dungeon World codex, but it’s not really a monster, so the entry doesn’t make a whole lot of sense


    Slurgs are one of the oddest creatures you will ever encounter. A sort of slug, they don’t really eat, they don’t have much meat on them, and they most certainly don’t hurt anyone. In fact, they’re not really good for anything… except, that is, they make a really loud noise when they get squished or stepped on. It’s not quite a “pop”, and it’s not really a “squirt”. It’s more like a “splat”. Yeah, definitely a “splat”. Instinct: to wander

    • Make noise

    • Get in the way

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