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  1. I ran a DW game replacing Alignments and Bonds with 3 beliefs from each player. I actually called them Goals and had the player include WHY a goal was important in the writing (this cleaves close to one specific style of BW Beliefs).

    Goal: I want to kill the Southwatch Goblin Hoard because they kidnapped my sister and sold her to slavers.

    Then I updated the End of Session move to include these (1xp for moving towards the goal, 3xp for achieving it). I think I updated the questions too, to include some sort of party-level Goal as well.

  2. Arthur Lahey the link to the pdf seems to be down. I googled it but had no luck. Do you happen to have it?

    Aaron Griffin that’s what I’m talking about! Do you still have it?

  3. Guido Ferraro That’s it. I didn’t write up a PDF or anything, it was just a rule change for a specific game. You don’t need anything else. “Write down up to three goals, including why they’re important. At the end of session, every goal you achieved gets you 3xp, and any other you worked towards gets you 1xp. These replace Alignments and Bonds.”

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