5 thoughts on “Question: How do you use Parley?”

  1. Defy Danger with CHA is used when doing risky things in a conversation.

    Parley is specifically used when you have known leverage. It’s more of a culmination of digging up dirt or figuring someone out. Not just a “do this or I’ll stab you”.

  2. Parley is specifically for when you have leverage and want somebody to do something. Leverage could be money, threat of violence, information they want, blackmail, etc.

    Defy Danger with CHA is when social/charismatic action can prevent something dangerous like convincing the guards not to immediately arrest you or distracting an enemy with fast talk while your party positions to ambush them. The defining characteristic is that if you miss, the looming danger is unimpeded.

  3. If someone uses some conversation to defy some kind of danger, we roll it. If someone has some leverage and tries to use it to get their way, then we use Parley. If someone is just talking to somebody conversation like, I make a soft GM move, because they’re looking to me to know what happens. If someone wants to get their way but doesn’t have any leverage, then I make a soft GM move because they’re looking to me to know what happens. I never use roll+CHA for general conversation checks because there is no such thing in Dungeon World.

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