Tonight my players fight a dragon that they’re absolutely terrified by, and I’m so excited to see them try to kill…

Tonight my players fight a dragon that they’re absolutely terrified by, and I’m so excited to see them try to kill…

Tonight my players fight a dragon that they’re absolutely terrified by, and I’m so excited to see them try to kill it.

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  1. I’ve had two dragons that have fought my group in separate games and I’ve fought one in a game I played. As long as you play smart, you can take them. Though my group does tend more towards the epic fantasy level of play, so I tend to make things within their abilities if they strategize. When I fought a dragon it was pretty epic, but we had a dragon helping us also.

  2. Remember that if they don’t have a weapon that can truly hurt it any attempt to attack it should turn into a Defy Danger as it swipes at them, breaths fire, tail swats, ect. A vastly agile creature that has flight, speed, heavy armor, and reach on it’s side. It also knows this and has tactics to counter attempts to get at it though perceived flaws. Yeah, Fire Telekinesis and Fire Blood. I wish that I could watch it. Recently I had a GM put our group up against 4 dragons in D&D. Now we are essentially demi-gods but the primary problem was stopping the dragons long enough to hit. It was using it’s speed and flight to great advantage. Strafing us and not truly stopping and why should it. We were “lesser creatures” not really worth the time but an amusing scuffle. In D&D we killed 3 of the 4 BUT in DW the dragon has much more power and has the power it should. Nigh untouchable. Use the surroundings, use the player’s fear, use the history and the fiction that is the Dragon. I hope it goes frightfully well.

  3. They have an ice sword which will work well against the dragon because it’s a fire dragon, and they have a plan for the halfling to glide onto the dragon and slice up its wings while the Paladin distracts it. Then they’re going to try and strike at its belly with it grounded. It’s going to be really interesting.

  4. A good plan.  Hope the sword doesn’t get melted in a fire breath.  It should also be good for one good death blow: Elemental Blood, should have a chance of melting the sword.

    The problem I see with this plan is getting the Dragon to slow down long enough to get that close.  But hey, At least they are planning.  A good plan for all it’s worth. 

    Should look like having a little fairy jump on you and slash at your arms with a letter opener.

    But hey, if they can pull it off, Kudos.  Hope the game goes well.

  5. Have you established how big the dragon is? Also, remember the dragon has terrifying as a tag, and if they are already terrified of it then that’s even more reason to use the tag!

    Is the ice sword made of ice? Or is it like Drizzt’s Icingdeath scimitar that strips the heat out of the air, even from Balor Demons?

  6. It’s a sword infused with ice magic by an ancient race. One of my players is a Wizard who is driven by a thirst for knowledge, so I gave them an undefined magic sword and had a custom move for finding out properties of it. They call it Ice Finger.

    Also, we’re using tabletop simulator, and I’ve purposefully scaled the dragon mini to be huge. Think Shadow of the Colossus big.

    They have managed to lure the dragon into a trap, so they’re positioned well, but I have a few things they haven’t planned for.

  7. Jeremy Strandberg Well, they nearly died, and given the amount of failures they rolled I probably should have done a few more hard moves, but they were able to constantly distract the dragon. Their plan fell apart when the Thief lost the Ice Sword and the dragon entered the Paladin’s mind (thanks to the podcast for that mind control move), but just as all hope seemed lost and the dragon’s gaping maw got closer and closer to the Paladin and Wizard on the canyon floor, the Paladin decided to do a last ditch move and grabbed the Wizard’s dagger and jumped into the dragon’s mouth and deal damage from the inside. This was a do or die move, and this was probably the most important roll for him to get, and he rolled a natural 11.

    I’ll admit that I probably should have been harder here, but it was such a bold move that surprised the dragon (aka me) and it led to a great moment. Our Paladin had spent the entire campaign collecting tongues of fallen enemies, so I narrated the dragon struggling with this fighting thing in its mouth, kind of like how when we get something stuck in our throats when it goes down wrong. After a bit, the dragon coughs up the Paladin, and he lands on the ground, but he is not hurt from the fall now that he was a giant, squishy, dragon tongue to cushion his fall. The Wizard was able to finish the dragon off with an empowered Magic Missile spell to its wing, though he had to deal with the dragon’s body nearly falling on top of him.

    Overall I think it went really well. I was nervous about the session not living up to the hype I generated for it, and there are definitely several things I think I would have done differently if I was able to do it again, but my players had a lot of fun and are excited about coming back, so all in all, I’d say a rolled a 9.

  8. Sounds interesting.  Bold moves can be well rewarded.  Especially when you wrote into it that the Paladin was taking tongues of his enemies.  Not a very Paladin move though.  But as it was mentioned, It is about the fun.  The bragging rights of taking out a dragon is extra.  For me, Breathing Fire would be an option while the Paladin is inside but I suppose discovery that Dragons do have a gag reflex and their fire breath can’t function when they are experiencing the gag reflex is an important note that the Wizard should write down.  Heh.

    All in all, It sounds like a great team effort and they used great tactics so they should be rewarded for it.  Now is time for the goblin hoard to take them down a peg but then again, I have an interesting sense of humor.

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