PoD proof on the house!

PoD proof on the house!

PoD proof on the house! Can’t figure out why they moved the DW logo, and it’s trimmed a bit too close on the bottom edge, but otherwise it looks pretty good.

Johnstone Metzger, have you encountered trim issues in the past? I’m wondering if it’s just luck of the draw on a copy-by-copy basis.

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  1. Michael Prescott, printed via DTRPG/RPGNow.

    Johnstone Metzger, the cover is actually placed and trimmed properly, but for some reason that bit of text and DW logo in the lower right are like 1/4″ lower than they were in the original file. The skull door at the left lower edge is exactly where it should be. Really weird.

  2. Phillip Wessels, I think by the end of February. Need to correct the cover issue and coordinate a couple of other things.

    Dave Bendit, I hear you on the quality issue, but all of our digital stuff goes through DTRPG, so in order to keep my life simple that’s what I’m doing.

  3. Johnstone Metzger, thanks for reminding me to double-check the originals — I thought I hadn’t messed with the file, but the logo had in fact been scooched down 1/4″. New proof in the works.

  4. Phillip Wessels, there is no way to pre-order per se, but I plan to offer everyone who owns the PDF via DTRPG a discount on the print version when it goes live, such that you would only need to pay the difference (I think $2 plus shipping, but DTRPG is down right now, so I can’t double-check). You’ll have to trust me on that, but I say if you want the PDF now go ahead and buy it.

  5. Phillip Wessels, DTRPG is back up today and I just checked to make sure I can do what I had been planning. It looks like it’s pretty easy to email everyone who ordered the PDF version a link to a discount on the print version, so everything looks good.

    Currently awaiting the corrected proof, hoping to release the PoD version by March 1.

  6. David Perry , no plans to update. The big changes are creature and monster generation, which are intended to address some of the specific ways in which Freebooters is different from DW (HP scaling and loot-as-goal).

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