18 thoughts on “Just threw this together before running off to class.”

  1. I like the title don’t. It’s nice that you’re emulating the LBBs, without trying to clone them entirely.

    (Also I had to look up hardscrabble, and I think I’m falling in wordlove.)

  2. I’m probably in the minority, but I like the indie-comics-zine look of FotF1E more than a retroclone look. Depends on who your main audience is, I guess. There are so many OSR-y hacks now, though, that it might be worth standing out from them a bit, even if you make references to OD&D. Maybe draw on the field manual / Boy Scout pamphlet look, to signal wilderness adventures? Not sure.

  3. I LOVE the Freebooters font against the parchment background. Maybe a darker red, or faded? The other font: not so much. I feel like there needs to be a left hand margin too – even if its incorporated in the Illo, (as with PW).

  4. I would have a hard time dropping the aesthetic of my beloved white box — those books were the killer indie zines of their time! But I will consider it.

  5. I really like it too – especially the red text under the black shading, and the title font is great. I would suggest keeping the whole party of adventurers visible – the cover looks a little awkward with just the one guy there. And I’m super pleased that you’d be keeping the original art!

  6. J. Walton, nitpicks welcome! Just throwing things together atm.

    David Perry, this art is just placeholder. All of the covers will have new, original art. If I go this route, I’ll be asking artists to create thematically appropriate wraparound images for each of the five booklets, composed such that when they’re “torn” the important/good stuff is visible.

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