9 thoughts on “Looking for 2-3 players for a one-shot with campaign potential, on Monday at noon EST.”

  1. I have seen you post so many times, finally i’m able to join you for a game XD

    only problem is, i might have plans, albeit flexible ones

    would you be opposed to have a player and their significant other in a game? i have read countless stories of that going awry (she has also never played DW, but has experience with tabletops in general)

  2. Damian Jankowski i’d be one of them, that’s the “plans” i mentioned

    we were going to take advantage of our day off, but i figure this is a good opportunity for her to learn the game

  3. Damian Jankowski i think she should keep with the base classes, just because she’s new.

    I’ll give the chronicler a look through though

    UPDATE: read through it, and i personally think i’d prefer AwfulGood’s Bard if anything, although i’ve never really been a good Bard player.

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