I have always been fascinated by the concept of a Level 0 campaign.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of a Level 0 campaign.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of a Level 0 campaign. I tried my hand at funnel world once, but i hated the randomness and lethality, and the same goes for FotF.

Peter Johansen, however, came out with a Villager class for his War and Wonders pack (which came with several other classes and rules, i would highly recommend checking out all of his stuff on DTRPG) which i had been completely enamored with since i found it.

Has anyone else had the urge to find out where heroes come from? I’d like to start a campaign built around this class, but i’m rubbish at GMing, so i’m hesitant to start a group only to find we have no master.

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  1. Damian Jankowski not quite sure. the past few PbPs i’ve been in kinda died pretty quickly, so i’m hesitant to use that style

    that being said an online game is tough to work out a schedule for depending on how many people we have

  2. I was part of one that was done using 4e rules. Players started with a lowered Stat array that would grow when our class powers manifested. As such we did not start with any class powers or abilities, but we did start with our skills and hp levels.

  3. Should be an easy conversion to DW in content – and the way it relates actions in play to choice of class might help inspire a hack for how to handle this using play books.

  4. Mark Tygart I’m not a fan of Funnel World, too lethal and reliant on random characters

    Morgan Davie i’ve already got a playbook in mind, but i’ll look through that. i’ve never actually played DnD, i started with DW and never left

  5. Mark Weis No D&D experience should not matter for that book – I think it’s all self-explanatory. (Being for starting characters helps there!) Thinking further, I’m pretty sure I heard about a DW conversion of N4 already… will see if I can turn it up…

  6. Peter J i definitely did. i got all three of your packs, and i think a couple of other things. i have to say, your Stress move is fantastic. i desperately want to use it in a campaign but haven’t had the opprotunity. Research, the move you based around Dirty Dingeons, is also amazing.

  7. Alright folks, upon reviewing the various and asundry resources i have at my disposal, and my eagerness to use some of them, i have decided that i have a certain way i’d like this campaign run, and that i can’t trust anyone except myself to run it exactly how i would.

    As such, i have made the (probably bad) decision to GM this level 0 adventure. Shortly i will post a link to a Roll20 lobby where anyone interested can join. All resources i will be using will be provided therein.

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