19 thoughts on “Just GMed my first ever DW game. It was a hot mess, but you have to start somewhere, right?”

  1. I remember my first session. I didn’t even know how to award experience. I just gave it out when someone did something I thought was neat. I quickly did my research and corrected that after a few times though lol. Congratulations and happy holidays!

  2. I’m thinking back and it was embarrassingly bad, guys. Like, I forgot to have them roll damage when in combat, bad. Not a big deal this time because their enemies were baby acid spiders with 5hp, but still. So bad. 😅

  3. If you’ve never run a game before, it’s going to be rough no matter what. If you and your players had fun, and you learned from it, that’s what matters. Keep at it and it gets way easier. The less I try to do “my thing”, the better I find Dungeon World works out.

  4. Rebecca Her Nice!  The first few games are messy no matter but you learn a lot.  I recommend if you have the commute time to listen to recorded actual play podcasts.  All manner of tricks and techniques to inspire and borrow. 

  5. Any game where everyone has fun is a success. Even when we think we did a poor job GMing, the players may fill it with their imagination and have a great ol’ time.

  6. Rebecca Her congratulations on being brave and getting the ball rolling even if you were not perfectly prepared. That seems to be the whole point of DW, from my admittedly n00b view, that too much prep can lead to too much GM-railroading, so just wing it and Play To See What Happens.

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