I’ve been trying to post something that isn’t showing up so I’m gonna try this one more time…

I’ve been trying to post something that isn’t showing up so I’m gonna try this one more time…

I’ve been trying to post something that isn’t showing up so I’m gonna try this one more time…

Playbook Contest! ends 12/11/16 11:59pm EST

Rule 1. In the comments below, post your ideas for what you would like to see become the next Master Artist playbook with a short description of it (Master Blacksmith, Master Minstrel, etc.). The theme should aim to combine some magical (or other) ability with the art of a craftsman – but be creative! You can find examples at www.semidarkarts.com.

Post as many playbook titles as you would like but keep each on it’s own post.

Rule 2. +1 all the titles that you like the most.

The post with the most +1’s will have that theme turned into the next playbook in the Master Artist series and the poster will receive all the current and future Master Artist playbooks absolutely free.

Everyone who posts an idea will receive one free SemiDarkArts playbook of their choice! Let’s vote to find out!

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  1. The Master Architect.

    Where others see a field, a forest, a cave, the Master Architect sees potential that can be tapped and shaped, a battlefield that can be rebuilt to bolster allies and entrap foes. It’s the Master Architect’s world, but as lovely as the feng shui is we’re happy to live in it.

    (Edited to add description, which I missed as a requirement on the first read)

  2. The Master Jeweler. Any object can be imbued with magic but it takes the precise hands of the Master Jeweler to create something that’s both beautiful AND powerful!

  3. The master Chronicler

    You know everything in the world and every one knows you. Since you where young you trip ped around the world to know and write all about story, legends, creatures, geography and people’s life. You have the Gift: everyone can read your writing, also illiterate people, because your chronicles take life in the people’s mind. You exchange information for information, food and bed, but only a king can have one of your books written just for him. 

  4. The Master Geometer

    The Master Geometer uses mathematics and geometry to grasp the environment to the fullest, creating maps for travel as well as perfectly organizing spaces in a fight.

  5. Master of Secrets

    Seeing the deepest weaknesses into everyone’s heart it’s easy for you. Like taking a breath. After all, one would be willing to pay any kind of price rather than living in fear and shame. Everyone has a skeleton in his closet; if you know it, you’ll overcame him forever. As you like to say: “Knowledge is power”.

  6. The Master Painter

    Your art is simply beyond the human understanding. You just not paint the reality, you make your work real. Everything you draw comes to life: you can mount an illustrated horse fighting with your ink-made sword or escape through one of your landscapes. The only limit is your imagination.

  7. Master Chef

    Your culinary arts are the works of genius. Your foods and beverages are stuff of legend. They can tempt the most discerning king. The food items are actually potions. You have added alchemy to your edible magical creations. Just because it’s a potion of healing doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. Ghost Pepper Fire Breath Potions? Muffin Bombs? Anti-Toxin Spider Venom Flambe? No problem. Here, Have a tart. Not sure what it does yet but you can let me know. I know it will taste good.

  8. The master perfumer.

    Middle-ages stink, stink a lot, too much for your perfect olfact sense. You have mastered the fine art of perfumery, only you can create the most sensual and exclusive essences. People say that your perfumes are unique, that they can manipolate the emotions and even the minds of whom smell them. These are only rumors, right ?

  9. The master corpse sculptor

    Some kill for money, some for anger, some for the thrill of killing. You are different, you kill because you want to make your muses immortal. Only few connoisseurs appreciate your hard work. You have mastered the fine art of ending the life of others with the most gentle touch. Your masterpieces aren’ t gruesome or gory, every drop of blood is meticulously placed, every detail is meaningfull.

    Possible moves


    When you sprinkle something or someone with your elixir of petrification roll + int

    With 10+: it become solid stone

    With 7-9: has with 10+ but choose one:

    – some drops fall on your self pietrifing one part of your body

    – some drops fall on a bystander or an ally pietrifing a part of their body

    -The pietrification is only temporary

    Blood artistry

    When you use the blood of one of your victims for making a painting roll +wisdom

    With 10+ you can ask two question about the victim, the painting will show them

    With 7-9 you can ask one

    – what was the victim greatest regret?

    – what the victim valued most?

    – did the victim made this or that?

    – what was the victim true nature?

  10. Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of None

    There’s a lot to be said about being special. Being able to shoot fireballs? That’s special. Turning into a badger? Special. But what if you don’t want to be all that special?

    Maybe you just want to be good… not just at one thing, mind you. You want to be good at everything. Handyman, strategist, singer, ale-brewer, you’ll have so many things under your belt, you won’t be able to see your feet.

  11. Ok, I’m calling it. Due to lack of additional posts and a clear lead by the number one slot, I am happy to announce that the Master Chronicler is the winner with 31 votes! Congratulations Simone Bonavita! Please get in touch with me via Hangouts/G+ or email me at support[at]semidarkarts.com to claim your prizes!

    2nd and 3rd place both taken by Andrea Di Stefano, with the Master Painter [19 votes] and the Master of Secrets [15 votes]. Both fantastic ideas.

    Thank you to everyone who participated. For those of you who posted ideas, please contact me at the above email to obtain your prize as well.

    Now… on to creating the Master Chronicler!

  12. The Master Chronicler, a winner from a contest held earlier, is just about complete. The new design now includes space for XP and alignment, thanks to +Saul Alexander’s mention – thanks for that! Here’s a sneak peek below. A few more moves will complete the advanced moves page. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the contest.

    (Something screwy happened with the PDF export – showing jagged lines in the layout – from my laptop so that will be fixed prior to its release).

    drive.google.com – Dungeon World Playbook – The Master Chronicler.pdf – Google Drive

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