Immolator Question:

Immolator Question:

Immolator Question:

Burning Brand starts with the range of touch with the options to add Hand, Reach, Near+Thrown.

Why can i not make a Close weapon? or is this a typo? If it’s not a typo, what’s the difference between touch and hand as i know that the former is a tag put on poisons

EDIT: Upon further consideration, i believe that the move should have originally stated that it starts with the range of Hand, because the Touch was to imply it could be used with but a touch. As such, i also believe that the Hand option in the additional choices should have been Close

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  1. I saw (if I recall correctly) Adam or Sage talking about this quite a while ago, and my understanding is that this particular instance of the touch tag is supposed to work like the intimate tag in some other games, I.e. you need to be really close, closer than hand range, and it maybe takes a bit longer than a normal weapon (because you need to hold the fire against somebody for a moment to do any real damage).

    So that’s why hand is an option; it’s an improvement over touch and not, surprisingly, a typo. But since the touch tag isn’t used that way anywhere else in the system, nor is it defined in the corebook anywhere, it’s confusing to basically everybody. Could’ve really done with another rewrite after the rules were finalized.

  2. Touch I picture as you putting your hand against something. Hand is a dagger or something similar. I don’t know why you can’t form a long sword shaped (close range) flame weapon as written. I would probably allow someone to though as a house rule.

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