3 thoughts on “Wizard vs Wizard”

  1. Since their Wizard is mostly about blasting hit points away you might simply want to play The Fighter (which actually becomes a challenge to GM as trying to use sacks of hit points and damage dice becomes meaningless against The Figher).

  2. Aaron Steed, I disagree. Evocation is only half of what the SW wizard does. It’s Thaumaturgy that would make the character fun to play, as you can create any magical effect and not be limited to the spells you know. I feel this would let you play Gandalf or even Harry Potter better, because I don’t remember either of them preparing spells from their spellbook for the day.

    I’m invisioning an ally with a low DEX attempting to roll out of the way with Defy Danger. Knowing it’s more likely to fail you use a held MAGIC point to give him speedy legs (or whatever you want to call it) to give them + 1 forward to their roll.

    Maybe they still rolled an 8 and take some damage. You can spend a point to conjure a magical barrier to reduce that damage by 1d4.

    Because it’s all fictional, I think the SW wizard shines because of Thaumaturgy.

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