I’m in DC for Packers at Redskins this weekend.

I’m in DC for Packers at Redskins this weekend.

I’m in DC for Packers at Redskins this weekend. I’ve been to large cities before, including DC, but only ever for business (meaning I didn’t have a lot of time to explore).

I spent about 6 hours walking around DC last night, and didn’t even scratch the surface of what all there is to do and see. We have lots of time to explore again today because the Packers don’t play until 8:30.

I know there are campaign settings out there that take place entirely in a city. But are there any that that take place entirely in a RUINED city?

I’m thinking of I Am Legend (the movie… never read it) type ruination, which I feel can easily sustain an entire campaign. I’m looking at these monuments and statues and thinking how interesting it would be to model a ruined DC as a campaign setting (yeah, Fallout 3 did it, but you know that’s not what I’m talking about).

Is there anything like that out there right now? Has anyone home brewed it? Thanks!

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  1. No, I totally want to do Dungeon World with it. I haven’t played any AW, but got the impression it was “you’re in a ruined world (yeah, I get that) and here’s a base that more or less centers your activities”. Please excuse me if I’m totally off on that!

    I want good old fashioned dungeon delving (the DC Botanical Garden would be creepy as hell at night, filled with beasties).

    We had our own perilous journey last night trying to get back to the Marriott in 30 mph winds and freezing drizzle lol.

  2. Ah, then yeah, if you want dungeon delving and monster fighting, DW is what you want. AW doesn’t require you to have a base (my current AW game we are part of a travelling circus), but it does heavily suggest a community of sorts.

    I don’t know of any DW settings with modern ruins, but could see it easily being constructed. Start with a city you know, pick out some big landmarks and communities that might survive, etc. All you’d need is some sorts of mutations and mutant creatures

  3. Go see all the museums you can in DC, most are free (tax dollars) and very good. The Smithsonian or the Air & Space are worth it. Sadly there isn’t a great FLGS to recommend in the city.

  4. Thanks everyone. Eric Lochstampfor​, we’re in Air and Space right now.

    Aaron Griffin​, I travel a lot but live in a fairly small town, so I unfortunately don’t “know” a lot of big cities.

    Jeremy Strandberg​, I’ll take a look at those references. Thanks!

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