Does a “Sand Dragon” exist anywhere in any game system that I can look to for inspiration?

Does a “Sand Dragon” exist anywhere in any game system that I can look to for inspiration?

Does a “Sand Dragon” exist anywhere in any game system that I can look to for inspiration?

My concept is winged-but-flightless dragons (think penguin or ostrich) that reside in the desert. They can use their wings to whip up a mini-sandstorm that blinds opponents, and have a super hot (but not flaming) breath. They may be more defensive than aggressive, using their blinding technique to get away, or using the breath to melt weapons and armor, making the fight impossible. They WILL attack aggressively when cornered though.

Instinct: To retreat to safety

*Blind with sand

*Destroy weapon and armor

Thoughts please? Thanks!

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  1. I would make the second move more colorful (* Melt steel with super hot breath) but other than that, that looks good. Use the monster creation chapter to decide on stats. Dragons in my eyes have like 3-4 armor and 12-20hp depending on size.

  2. Thanks Aaron Griffin, that sounds a lot better, and also makes it more specific. Maybe it WON’T melt mithril and stronger metal.

    I’m thinking also that the Sand Dragon has something special that makes it a target. Something more interesting than “it’s scales or hide make great armor”.

    Maybe the gland that causes flameless heat is sought after, or the wings have some special quality. Not sure entirely yet – and honestly maybe I just need to let my players tell me what is so special about them.

  3. Dragon, Sand

    Solitary, Huge, Magical, Stealth, Organized, Intelligent, Terrifying

    Claws/jaws/tail (b[2d12]+7 damage, 3 piercing) HP: 16 Armor: 4

    Reach, Forceful, Messy

    A sand dragon can be a dangerous foe. He is immensely more so when desert dwellers worship him and are ready to defend him. A sand dragon only reveres raw strength and power. He is also a quite cunning and treacherous foe. If things don’t turn his way, the dragon will flee and hide in the deep desert.

    Instinct: To take by force

    • Blind with burning sand and attack

    • Turn nature to his side by magic

    • Conjure worshippers at his side

    • Flee to the deep desert

    • Breathe cone of corrosive burning sand

    Custom Move: When you face the burning sand breath of a sand dragon, ROLL+DEX. On a 10+, you’re safe. On a 7-9, the corrosive sand breath touches you. Choose 1:

    • Your primary weapon is ruined.

    • Your armor is destroyed.

    • You are blinded. You must make camp or receive magical healing to regain your sight.

    On a 6- take all three.

  4. Mark Tygart, that looks great! I might get rid of “Turn Nature to his side” and change the next to “Call worshippers with a mighty roar”, which gives the party a little time to do something (RETREAT!) before reinforcements arrive.

    DW Dragons are already a force to be reckoned with when played correctly, and this guy looks absolutely devastating!

    I like a more defensive option though, only BECAUSE he’d be so deadly. Maybe Instinct: “To protect what’s his” instead. “It won’t hurt you as long as you leave it alone” is my thinking, so this thing will watch you pass, but if you get too close to it’s egg or stash, or antagonize it in any way, it’s going to ruin your world.


  5. You said something about the special thing that makes the Sand dragon a target… How about “The wings are used by the sand people in an effort to perfect a flying machine”?

  6. Thanks Jeremy Strandberg, I’ll take a look right now.

    Mark Tygart, of course. It’s all about the discussion. We all post some stuff and that sparks an idea in someone else. Your comments alone have been a huge help though.

    Shaken, Not Stirred, usually, but it all depends on the instinct, and if you get that just right it’s totally justified. That being said, I’m still not satisfied with my instinct.

  7. Maybe being a Sand Dragon, it guards a clutch of “eggs” that are in reality orbs of sand that has been super heated by the dragon over time to form glass spheres.

    Of course, being that they’ve been tended to by a dragon they have to be magical in nature. Maybe some divination or seeing effects?

  8. That’s a good one Josh C. Having something about it that makes others want to take it on despite it’s “I’ll leave you alone if you leave me alone” nature is kind of how I plan to draw people into conflict with it.

    Fictionally, I’m picturing a single maimed and half-blind member of a large hunting party returning with a single piece of whatever from the dragon and calling it a good day!

  9. What if we were to extrapolate on Michael Siebold’s idea a bit and say that the Sand Dragon’s “Eggs” are THE source of magic for non-magical beings? I’ve been working on my own campaign setting for a while, and have a couple premises, but that would make an interesting premise that I haven’t seen anywhere else (and if it IS somewhere else, can someone point it out so I can look into how it was used there?).

    Would that invalidate my “Protect what’s his” instinct because years of plunder have made the Sand Dragon’s reach out to destroy the two-legged flesh bags, or support it because years of plunder have caused them to guard their “Eggs” even more closely?

  10. Maybe give them a move about burrowing deep into the sands the flee … or to ambush? Folks might hunt them because their teeth are made of diamonds. Or maybe the dragons themselves aren’t the targets – they are honor bound to guard temples of a long dead cult who had mad treasure to loot.

  11. People seek out the sand dragon that they might petition it to use it’s furnace like breath to turn a stretch of sand into a sheet of magical, super hard glass.

    This glass is then worked into weapons that are used to combat some of the deserts most dangerous threats.

    Often the dragon will accept living sacrifices, or great wealth in exchange for it’s services.

    Of late, it has begun to only accept the former, making the process a more sinister one.

  12. Lars Logue, I’ve always liked the glass weapons and armor from Skyrim just because they looked really cool, but often wondered how they would be strong enough to not break. Maybe this is how…

  13. Lars Logue, I really like your idea. I’m working on my own campaign setting and I’m going to make Dragon Glass the pinnacle material for arms and armor.

    Dragon Glass is rare because of the risks involved with obtaining it. After the glass has cooled it is nearly indestructible, will always retain a sharp edge, and will have some magical quality. Not only do you need a Sand Dragon to create it with his breath, you need to break it up into usable pieces before it cools. Even small pieces usable for daggers are expensive, and large, properly shaped “sword” pieces and said to be priceless. Various shapes and sizes can be used in other applications as well.

    That being said, adventurers with their mind set on Dragon Glass will most likely not be purchasing it from a merchant!

    Thanks for your input, it helped shaped my Sand Dragon AND the Dragon Glass material!

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