Skyrim opening

Skyrim opening

Skyrim opening

With Skyrim Special Edition coming out last week I decided to make an opening adventure for DW that mirrors the opening of that game, which I spent SSOO much time playing (400+ hours on my PS3 and at about 25 since I picked up my PS4 copy on Friday).

The idea is that the party, along with a high profile NPC have been captured and are taken to the gallows. Something crashes in, killing several guards and others, and in the confusion the characters make their escape.

The players get to tell me where there are, why they’ve been captured, who the High Profile NPC is, and why he’s there, what it is that crashes in, plus some more goodies.

I plan to start a new campaign this weekend with this start, and can’t wait to see what kind of world my players and I build. My biggest challenge: Playing to see what happens instead of trying to recreate Skyrim.

Has anyone else ripped something straight out of a video game or other source to start their campaign? If so, has it been difficult to divorce the sources fiction from your own?

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  1. Diablo.

    It wasnt so bad. We all enjoyed Diablo and were set in the setting pretty firmly. There were things we changed about it for our own character decisions, but knowing the genre and setting didnt hurt us

  2. I mostly nick dungeons from Legend Of Zelda. Come on who doesn’t think exploring the inside of a giant tree is cool? Also a dungeon on top of a turtle

  3. Robert Doe​ and Adam Koebel​, I’ve not used locations from any of the Diablo games, but I’ve created spells and custom moves based on Diablo skills.

    james day​, I’m working on an item that works like the magic mirror (don’t remember it’s actual name) from A Link to the Past.

  4. My 1st DW game involved a prison break – but our Immolator set the whole prison on fire so we all started out broke and without any gear. It kinda stopped us from getting anywhere. Try not to leave the party without any tools that define who they are – it makes for a very depressing situation.

  5. I adapted the opening of Baldur’s Gate 2 for one of my campaigns. The PCs had finished an orc related grim portent, caroused in the village they saved, rolled badly and ended up spending 5 years suspended by magic in an underground wizard lair. They had unknowingly messed with their plans. Oh the portents that came to pass while they were locked away. 🙂

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