16 thoughts on “Saw this pic on reddit. Inspiration for a magic item?”

  1. First thing that came to mind was that guy from the Matrix with all the keys. An Orb With a Key For Everything. . . EVERYTHING.

    “How do I win their heart?”

    “Take this key.”

    “What’s it open?”

    “You tell me.”

  2. Cage of Keys. How does one unlock a prison made of keys?

    When you hold this sphere before you and utter the words of the secret ritual (which may be read with a magnifying lens and some hours of studying the orb’s surface) your tongue bleeds profusely. Roll+Wis.

    On a 12+ you may imprison the ethereal/spirit form of any intelligent creature you have met.

    On a 10+ you imprison this spirit if you have first secretly placed a key somewhere on their person.

    On a 7-9 you trap their spirit if you have first secretly placed a key somewhere on their person, but they are only trapped for d6+1 days.

    On a 6- the ethereal form latches onto yours as it is sucked into the cage. Choose one:

    • You are sucked into the cage with the one you would imprison. There your ethereal forms may interact.

    • You are sucked into the cage instead of the one you would imprison.

    • You fight the other, sustaining grevious wounds to your spirit form. Take -1 forward to your Wis until you complete a process described by your GM.

    Note: once the sphere has an occupant (or occupants) it may not be triggered again. You may release the spirit trapped in the sphere by breaking the sphere or repeating the ritual words backwards, which makes blood flow from your ears.

  3. James Etheridge I like that idea. A helpful NPC or a shady character opening rooms teleporting you to random dungeon rooms. Could be pretty cool.

    For an item I was thinking:

    When you request a key for a specific lock from the Insatiable Orb of Keys, offer it a piece of quality metal (e.g. adventuring gear, weapon, etc.) and roll. On a 10+ it gives you the key you need with no cost. On a 7-9 it consumes the offer and gives you the key. On a 6- it consumes the offer but will not make a key for this lock… ever.

  4. Kaaaameeeeehaaaameee–KEY!!!  (Everything in a 1 mile radius unlocks and opens, including dormant portals)  Advanced martial art’s Key Master Technique.  Haha

  5. If you really think about it, a standard key only exists as a 2-dimensional shape, and they open locks in the 3rd dimension, right? Well, this orb is actually a key unto itself- a 3-D Key! and thus opens locks in the 4th Dimension

  6. I was thinking quantum entanglement when you use one of the keys. It always opens another lock as well, and on 6- there are a lot of bad options for the player to choose like for example a gate to hell, or a prison sphere that kept seven archliches from reanimating.

  7. Robert Doe Yes, because Chastity belts are evil.  Really a concept that was driven by a paranoid father/society that held virginity of women in higher reguard than their value as a person.  This also hearkens back to the “women are property” concept.  One aspect of a primitive society that is best to leave out of any fantasy.

  8. Well, with slavery, you get to play the whole, smash the slavers and teach them a lesson thing.  Maybe even incite a riot and get the slaves to take over.  That type of scenario is satisfying to do.  Issues such as Rape, Wanton Brutality, and Gender Inequality are issues that I do not want to deal with in a game.  And if a GM of mine did put it in a game then I would hope that ALL the players immediately try to stop the atrocities from happening and the GM gives them a more than fair chance of doing so.

  9. The game is all about atrocities. I would hope that the heros would follow the setting. If your setting contains orc slavers who treat young boys as possessions to contstuct their machines of war. I would hope the heros would stop them. And, if young women are being swept away by evil demons for virgin sacrifices, or a band of Satyr are druging women and producing an astonishing number of offspring, i would again hope the heroic party would follow the setting and bring justice to the land.

    Setting is key. Alot of people dont like Conan settings because of the women servitude.

  10. Ahhha Setting Keys

    Discribe a world setting and a key from the sphere vanishes with a blinding light. When the light dissipates, you find yourselves in a world much different than you are familiar with. Discribe your surroundings.

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