Undead Living Again Facial Creame

Undead Living Again Facial Creame

Undead Living Again Facial Creame

(Applied, 8 uses, 1 wt)

With only one application of the Undead Living Again Facial Creame, you can make that rotting flesh look decades younger! Tested by leading Clerics from the Archbishop’s personal team, this new found facial creame is proven to restore health and life to a lifetime of decay. Get yours now!

Returns undead to living creatures with all their memories and skills intact.


3 thoughts on “Undead Living Again Facial Creame”

  1. So it’s like resurrection, but in a cream form? I immediately thought it was just cosmetic. I had a Lich who was crazy (obviously) and only wanted to be known as the world’s greatest magician in the circus where he worked. He would make himself look like a living person for his shows. I like the idea of him applying this in his makeup room before he goes on lol

  2. Ahahah nice Scott.

    To clarify, yes it is essentially resurrection. Just in a funny way of doing it. Maybe instead of finding the secret society of magician and clerics like is in 90% of all campaigns. Its found with a sly, smooth talking salesman.

    But they do need to be Undead. Not just Dead

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