The Sartar Duck

The Sartar Duck

Originally shared by Jim Jones

The Sartar Duck

My eighth #Inktober drawing is a #DungeonWorld magic item, the Satar Duck.

Another magic item. I’m still behind.

I like the idea of this goofy, unassuming magic item. Fro! The description in the rulebook, he Sartar Duck is an odd, hand carved, wooden duck that makes the bearer an exceptionally gifted storyteller. Language itself is not even a barrier as those that hear the tail will get the general idea.

This one just seemed fun to draw.

I hope you like my attempt at drawing my take on this magic item from the core rulebook.

I’m participating in #Inktober this year leading up to the annual 24 hour #ExtraLife game marathon that I have been running in late October with my wife for the last five years. I’m going to draw monsters, weapons, and magic items from the #DungeonWorld rulebook and from the Dungeon World Codex (

If you like the drawings and would like to support me in Extra Life this year, you can donate to my campaign at

You have my sincere appreciation if you do.

All the money that I raise goes directly to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. My youngest daughter, Rogue, had a life saving cranial reconstruction surgery at Riley when she was just a little over one year old. Today, she is a happy and healthy almost six year old who is thriving in kindergarten.

Let me know what you think.

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