Flask of Breath

Flask of Breath

Originally shared by Jim Jones

Flask of Breath

My seventh #Inktober drawing is a #DungeonWorld magic item, the Flask of Breath..

I am still catching up, so I’ll probably do a couple of magic items.

This one is the Flask of Breath. It holds an I exhaustible source of air. I envision it as a simple flask that is wrapped in a dull grey shark skin unto which a simple brass plate, with a number of different size holes drilled through it, is affixed.

I hope you like my attempt at drawing my take on this magic item from the core rulebook.

I’m participating in #Inktober this year leading up to the annual 24 hour #ExtraLife game marathon that I have been running in late October with my wife for the last five years. I’m going to draw monsters, weapons, and magic items from the #DungeonWorld rulebook and from the Dungeon World Codex (http://codex.dungeon-world.com).

If you like the drawings and would like to support me in Extra Life this year, you can donate to my campaign at http://www.extra-life.org/participant/jimjones.

You have my sincere appreciation if you do.

All the money that I raise goes directly to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. My youngest daughter, Rogue, had a life saving cranial reconstruction surgery at Riley when she was just a little over one year old. Today, she is a happy and healthy almost six year old who is thriving in kindergarten.

Let me know what you think.

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