21 thoughts on “Let’s talk about converting OSR/AD&D 1E monsters over for DW.”

  1. Oh, that’s so yummy. Can’t say I’ve done monster conversions so can’t really add value.

    But love what’s happening here. Question: Would it be appropriate to have little empty boxes for the pictures, like just in case art is ever created or used? Or would that just be a waste of space for most?

    Cause if I ever had this thing, I’d be importing my old Monster Manual art over for my own personal copy. Or alternatively: I’d pay money for a Kickstarter that had original art sourced for such a project.

  2. I am also planning to add the entries from “The Book of Beasts” and a few other good Creative Commons Attribution DW monster collections. I also expect there will be some good usable XML left behind in case anyone is interested.

  3. I would love to see Planescape creatures converted, but I doubt they’re freely usable. Perhaps you could file some serial numbers off and make some demons and angels and stuff

  4. Thanks Jim Jones and Jeremy Strandberg. Does anyone know who maintains that? If I could get direct access or a database dump I could possibly use programmatic methods to convert the best entries for inclusion.

  5. Hi people!

    Some time ago, I made an HTML parser to get some information from the monsters of the Codex. No need to have access to the main database.

    The main idea at the time, was to create a card for each monster.

    I think at that time put some examples here (I did not finish the work due to lack of time, doubt in licence, and also i’m too lazy to draw images 😉 ….) –

    In my last iteration with this ( need some refination on the texts posistion, and font work) , I created something like the one shown in this link:

    dropbox.com – MonstersDW_CARDS_3.png

    If you see, I have also put the codex link on the card for reference.

    The monstrous image is taken from the internet, with only the purpose of exemplifying…

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