Sea Shell Shield (Worn, +1 Armor, 2 Weight)

Sea Shell Shield (Worn, +1 Armor, 2 Weight)

Sea Shell Shield (Worn, +1 Armor, 2 Weight)

A shield of incredibly intricacy formed from thousands of broken shells. When a piece of shell is broken off and left at a location, the sound of the area around the shell can be heard emanating from the break on the shield. The sound is faint, distorted and distant how ever and all but the loudest noises are incomprehensible.

3 thoughts on “Sea Shell Shield (Worn, +1 Armor, 2 Weight)”

  1. What happens when someone breaks the piece?

    how many pieces can you take out from it?

    if its a shield why do I have to wear it?

    so, you cant listen to people have a conversation next to the piece unless they are shouting?

  2. Thousands of pieces, so presumably thousands of breaks; it’s far more of a flavor thing than an actual mechanic with hard and fast rules. And yes, for all intents and purposes they’d have to be shouting but if, say a dragon attacked the town you were just in, you’d probably hear about it from the shield. It’s another avenue for a DM to inform players of things happening in the world around them.

  3. I like the Idea of this, if only in the sense that it can open up the pcs to world travel.

    The pieces of the shield should be limited, so the pcs need to make decisions as to their focus. Or else they will just drop pieces everywhere and cycle through the shards till something catches their fancy.

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