I recently finished a new Base Class for Dungeonworld:

I recently finished a new Base Class for Dungeonworld:

I recently finished a new Base Class for Dungeonworld:

The Familiar!

Trick your Enemies, help your Allies and wield Ancient Magic while playing as a small, magical Animal.


Feedback would be appreciated!

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  1. I changed the Attribute shortcuts. Sorry. I used the German short form without thinking.

    Scott Selvidge You can, of course, invent more types. But I already have 8 types when you count improved familiar which should be enough for the playbook.

    If you add more race options you are simply playing advanced Dungeonworld 😉

    Glad that you guys like it!

  2. Andrea Parducci I hoped it would be clear what I meant. I should rewrite it maybe.

    They are used like Load because Familiars in their natural form cannot use “normal” equipment (no Cat armor here) they are a magical substitute for equipment for them. The Token-Score is used like weight and the token maximum is their load.

    So each Charm is like an Item for them but it weighs nothing and is invisible until used.

    Edit: I changed the description. I hope it’s clearer now.

  3. I thought that Charms were like “jewelry” that the pet can wear. Things like a dog collar with a gem, or cat harness with peluche wings 😁. Pretty nice to see in game, somewhat anime-style! 😉

  4. you can certainly play it that way if you want or you can simply play it like “I lash out to him and a ghostly claw appears over my paws striking him and disappears after i rend his flesh”

    or “as he casts his spell on me, a Feather appears above me and covers me in two protective Wings reducing the damage of the Fireball”

  5. Another thing, is the intention of the Dust Charm making their attack magical supposed to make it ignore armor or no? I only ask because it will come up in our games for sure lol

  6. I’m not the author, however I think that magical should be useful against other magical beings (maybe it can affect ghosts and like). Ignoring armors could be an overpowered effect, probably better suited for an advanced move.

    Or, as almost everything in DW: ask to your players. They know the answer 😀

  7. Scott Selvidge I agree with Andrea in every point ^^ Magic is simply a tag which allows you to harm enemies that can only be harmed by magic. It can have other implications.. for example, it would not work in a zone where no magic can exist or can be countered by spellcasters etc. It works as a magic attack in fiction it has no concrete mechanical applications similar than the messy or forceful tags. The same goes for the elemental tags that the familiar can provide.

  8. Although I think could be useful to provide a short description of the intended tags, at the doc end. You know, like messy in the core book. So you can explain your tag vision, and bring clarity at the Game table. Even when the tag gives no apparent mechanical bits. For example in the David Guyll’s one you’ll find explanations, in the descriptive book (not in the 2 pages playbook, ’cause space is tyrant).

  9. I have seen Tags which are not explained before but I think some short description would not hurt.

    I added a box at the End:

    New Tags:

    Magic: This Attack counts as a magical Spell and can damage enemies which are only vulnerable to magic.

    Fire: The Weapon begins to burn and can set Objects on fire.

    Ice: The Weapon freezes and can freeze enemies.

    Thunder: The Weapon creates very loud Sounds when used confusing and deafen enemies.

    Returning: The Weapon flies like a boomerang back to the user when thrown.

    dancing: The Weapon can fight on its own when letting loose. The User has no control over it other than reclaiming it.

    indestructible: The Object can’t be destroyed by any normal and most supernatural means.

  10. Would you mind if I make a character sheet for this class? I plan on playing it in the future and wanted everything in an organized sheet like the basic playbooks. I may end up changing some of the wording and such to match our campaign a bit better also.

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