The Logirh’d Dragon roams the seas in search of sunken treasures and sailing ships. Its emense size has even been confused with islands. Becareful when approaching these giants during nesting time. They are known to be overly agressive and cause tidal waves with their bellowing roars.

Logirh’d Dragon

(Colossal, Solitary, Ancient)

HP: 22

Armor: 4 underbelly, (Shell is impermeable to mundane damage)


-> Seek Treasure for its hoard


-> Cause enormous wakes

-> Bellowing roar, (deafening)

-> Breath Weapon (Water Jet, Far, Forceful)

-> Slumber for decades, disguised as an island.


3 thoughts on “Title”

  1. I love listing armor location. It’s so simple but so descriptive. That actually gets me excited to do that in my campaigns.

    BBEG wearing plate mail and no helmet

    Armor: 3 body

  2. Its shell would be a great location for a dungeon or steading adventure.

    Can you defeat the enemy or conduct the ritual at the inconveniently located place of power without waking the dragon? Play to find out what happens!

  3. I had a location called Nornheim where the Norns of our campaign lived. It was an island that was never in the same place and constantly surrounded by a thick mist. The only things on it were the Norns, their standing stone circle, and the last member of the Fenris Brood (wolves the size of elephants). My players only got to see the flipper of what the island was sitting on. I always pictured a dragon turtle type monster carrying it around. Giant turtle islands are a staple in my fantasy worlds.

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