Here’s another revision of the ‘Dungeon World Lite’ ideas I’ve been toying with for a couple of months.

Here’s another revision of the ‘Dungeon World Lite’ ideas I’ve been toying with for a couple of months.

Here’s another revision of the ‘Dungeon World Lite’ ideas I’ve been toying with for a couple of months. Can I get some thoughts and feedback?

(An earlier version of these rules appeared in my Patreon release The Canopy of Broken Kings a couple of months ago.)

19 thoughts on “Here’s another revision of the ‘Dungeon World Lite’ ideas I’ve been toying with for a couple of months.”

  1. My bad – they’re similar to World of Dungeons, which is probably implied, yeah. I’ve amended the doc to show they’re under construction. Thanks for the spot!

  2. I like it. Not quite enough explanation to get excited over (namely with stats). I’m personally finding my players wanting more substance so this doesn’t fill a need for me at this time, but in principle I love the idea!

  3. Definitely drawing from Into the Odd, yeah! I love that equipment table so much! I’ve got Maze Rats, but I don’t want to go so deep into the random tables as that (or Freebooters on the Frontier, another inspiration.)

  4. Haven’t seen the earlier stuff. Is this supposed to be on its own, or only with some other document? I’m not sure what skills are in this context, or the defined attributes (is an attribute saying you get a +1 in something like STR? Just tell me to lookup your patreon release if that’s a pre-req or something (didn’t have time now).

  5. Very interesting! I love your WoD hacks and I’ll follow this one closely! I’ll wait until you develop it more to analyze it; but for now, I think that the acrobat class is not very strong to have a life on its own, but more like a thief/warrior optional path. (I’m precisely at this point with my own game, but think about it: there are no acrobats on any fantasy world outside the circus and ninja clans, and ninjas are thieves)

  6. While it could be a nice game / idea, I still cast my vote AGAINST those “lite” versions. I love DW stuff, I pledged for them, I’d like to see CRUNCHY stuff. So, new Playbooks / CC, new moves, new monsters, new places, interesting tags, adventure fronts etc. I loved the first Shadow of Umberto stuff, there was all the things I love. After that, I saw few immediately usable things for me.

  7. ramonthe3rd​, I deleted those duplicate posts. The acrobat class is an interesting conundrum. Originally I included it because those 6 classes are the ones from the D&D cartoon, but I’ve kept it because I like separating dexterity and athletics from the standard thief tropes. (You can see this in Broken Kings, which has examples of some skills.)

    Andrea Parducci​ – always keeping me on the straight and narrow! I know you like the bigger, crunchier stuff. Did you like the Homelands moves I added in the new release of Shadows? (There was originally a misprint in that part of the text, so you might have to re-download the file.) These rules are designed as an alternative to those, give readers the choice, you know? Of course the books’ll have fronts, monsters, new moves etc. From feedback and personal experience, I find some GMs want to go ‘Full Dungeon World’ while others are looking for something a little lighter, but more developed than WoD. Hopefully this strikes a happy medium.

  8. Tomer Gurantz​ – it’s going to be included in the 2nd edition of The Green Scar, which is a DW setting I wrote a couple of years ago. You could check out The Canopy of Broken Kings which is a Patreon release from a couple of months back. That’s got the original incarnation of these rules in it.

  9. Matt Smith I’m in the “more substance” boat myself. Also, I find that as a player who already plays highest HP classes, these rules are a bit lacking in that department.

  10. Ohi, Joe. I tried to search for the updated Umberto file, however I found only the post in which you told there’s a discount for the printed version. Probably I missed it, while I tried to go back a lot in the patreon site. Do you have a link?

  11. Nope, I only have the patreon related stuff. So, is the “new” file containing revised stuff? I thought it was more a “putting all the different PDFs together and adding the physical version”.

  12. Yup, sorry. Returning IT, my other suggestion is to keep your creations well separated and advertised, so everyone can, at glance, know if a product is for DW or DW lite. I probably would put a nice logo in the cover.

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