For my Cleric of Scorpio, domain: Victory at all Costs. Thoughts? :D

For my Cleric of Scorpio, domain: Victory at all Costs. Thoughts? 😀

For my Cleric of Scorpio, domain: Victory at all Costs. Thoughts? 😀

The Champion of Scorpio

When Scorpio has chosen YOU, mere mortal, out of his numerous followers, you may dedicate yourself to him, take up the “victory at all costs” mantle, and become the Champion of Scorpio. You may take the following 2 moves on level-up (They count as one move):

By Your Iron Sustained

Add these bonds to your list of bonds. Check with the GM when creating them, but you have final say over what Scorpio wishes for his Champion. You may have 2 bonds active at any one time.

Scorpio wishes for __________ to suffer the humiliation of defeat. I will show them what it means to challenge The Victor.

I will bring Scorpio great honor if I convert _______ to his cause.

Scorpio has shown me _____________, a symbol of a yet unknown enemy. I shall vanquish it!

It’s Just You and Me Now!

When you below out a challenge to an enemy or monster, you may issue it a challenge to the death. The enemy will fight you, and only you. Roll +Bonds with Scorpio. On a 10+, gain 3 hold. On a 7-9, gain 2 hold and take -1 forward to the first action against that enemy. You may spend hold 1 to 1 for the following.

• No matter your armaments, you have 4 armor total against your enemy

• You will be impervious to other sources of damage

• Cause the enemy to taunt you in response

• Give nearby allies +1 forward against your enemy

Advanced Moves

If you have the move Its Just You and Me Now, these count as class moves for you; you can choose from them when you level up:

World-Forger (Not an actual move, but requires XP to bind the weapon to you)

You have reforged Scorpio’s legendary weapon “World-Forger”, tempered in the First Fires and creator of “god’s anvil”. The weapon will listen to you and you only, as long as you offer it a handle on your soul (5 XP). It has the tags (Close, Two-Handed, Forceful, +1 Damage, Sentient, Tremor)


When you slam the ground in front of your enemies and reshape the earth around you, roll +STR. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1, and take 1d6 ignoring armor as the earth recoils against you.

• The earth grows up and immobilizes your enemies, locking their feet in place.

• The force of your blow catapults you 1d6+3 meters into the sky. You take falling damage as normal. (Goes well with my cloak of the comet, previously posted on here)

• A pillar of earth rises up to block you from an incoming source of damage

• A pillar of earth rises up to block 1d4 allies from an incoming source of damage

The Spoken Word

When you pray to Scorpio out loud and within earshot of a target, roll +CHR. On a 10+, people take note and are in awe of you and your god’s presence. On a 7-9, you awe all but the most steadfast in their faith or duty. You may choose to use your divine authority as leverage on a parley roll after you rolled it. You may also convert lesser creatures over to Scorpio’s domain.

Avatar State

When you have 1-3 HP remaining, you may willingly place yourself before the Black Gates to become the embodiment of Scorpio for a few mintues. Describe your new appearance and roll +Bonds with Scorpio. On a 10+ you have 15 temporary hitpoints and 5 armor. On a 7-9 you have 7 temporary hitpoints and 4 armor.

• Anytime you deal damage you may roll twice

• You gain the power of flight

• World-Forger appears in your hands and will do +2 to its usual damage.

• Nothing can outrun or outfly you

• If you kill all enemies before appearing at the Black Gates, take a +1 to your last breath roll

6 thoughts on “For my Cleric of Scorpio, domain: Victory at all Costs. Thoughts? :D”

  1. First glance, the third option of “It’s Just You And Me Now!” seems a bit weird, because it’s… kind of a negative thing? Like, why would I chose it?

  2. That’s really awesome, but the only thing I didn’t like is that you have to sacrifice XP in order to bind the World Forger; the binding processs should be restricted to the fiction IMO.

  3. Ben Wray Good point, I may have worded it weirdly. The idea was instead of having the enemy bull-rush you, it would taunt you in response and give you and your allies some time to set up or flank.

  4. Pedro Bastos Also good point. My intention was to make the weapon really special and possibly grow with the character, but I think the XP spend was a bandaid solution. I’ll restrict it to the fiction 🙂

  5. David de Jongh Maybe you can give the player the option to choose what kind of weapon is the World-Forger, you know, it doesn’t matter if its a greataxe or a greatsword, as long as it has the mighty power of Scorpio, channeled by the Champion’s unbreakable will to achieve victory!

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