9 thoughts on “hey! question , so how popular is dungeon world?”

  1. oh! awesome xD glad to hear its doign well . and your the first person to talk to me in this group! Tear well hope your doign well and thanks for the reply xD

  2. I know that every time I add players to my local dungeon world game, I get a lot of “oh, I bought that book and have been looking for a chance to try it”, usually within 24 hours of posting.

  3. Andrea Parducci I was that way about GURPS a decade ago, but they’re not as supportive as when I first started, so I moved on. I just so happened to have gotten into FATE Core because of how its collaborative nature struck an interest in me. At first when DW came out, it barely registered on my radar because I hadn’t dropped GURPS yet. When it hit me what DW was I pretty much have done nothing but tinker with WE games since. I’ve even put my own indies on hold.

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