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  1. Here’s what I do, and it’s basically a mishmash of PbtA styles.

    Threm the Bugbear (drive: to eat children)

    Threat Moves:

    – Snatch and hold a village child

    – Prevent assaults with traps and stealth

    – Claim and blockade a part of the forest

    Master Plan: to start a human farm and open a bugbear restaurant

    Plan Clock: [X][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]

  2. Just adding some detail to the thing.

    If the players are aware of Threm’s plan, I will make the clock public. If not, then I don’t – not because I want the secrecy, but because I want to be able to do away the front if the players aren’t interested in it and don’t know about it.

    If Threm’s plan clock is going to tick, I make it clear. “You guys can go help Timmy out of the well, but if you know anything about Bugbears, Threm is probably going to be moving the kid he kidnapped to the location of his breeding pit you still haven’t found… it’ll move his plan forward a notch”

    The threat moves are used to help indicate behaviors Threm may take while advancing his plan, not to advance his plan. That I handle more freeform because once the players are involved, achieving a goal changes rapidly.

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