Flying Vampire Frog (Group, Tiny)

Bite (d6-2 damage 1 piercing) 4 HP (0 armor)


A terrifying union of giant tropical tree frog and vampire bat; the Flying Vampire Frog haunts jungles and rain forests eager for its next liquid meal.

Custom Move: When a vampire tree frog drains your vitality, ROLL+CON.

On a 10+, It’s just a little blood. On a 7-9, it’s a lot of blood and you choose 1.

You must Defy danger versus Constitution before you can go back fighting.

You take -1 ongoing until you Make camp.

You are overcome with a “blood rage” and must fight to you or your foe is dead.

On a 6-,You’re too weak to fight until you next make camp.

Instinct: Drains blood

Swoops down on prey

Summon other Flying Vampire Frogs

Croaks eerie tunes

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