3 thoughts on “More monsters? More monsters.”

  1. Michael Prescott terrifying? What, no! They’re beautiful monkey-nagas! What’s not to love? Believe me, they’re the best!

    Gerard Snow Probably? There are a few “named” NPCs in the setting that I’ll probably stat up, and maybe some generic NPCs like “Hillfolk raider” or “Gordin’s Delve ruffian” or the like. But I’m really not sure about the latter. One thing that playtesting has shown me is that players will take things in directions I never anticipated, particularly in regards to NPCs.

    Like, the Hillfolk in my home game have become these zealous adherents of Aratis the Lawkeeper, and they’re big into slave-raiding. That makes them very different than what I originally envisioned, so having flavorful stats written up for them would be a waste at best and possibly a hindrance. I’m sort of leaning towards leaving blanks for that type of NPC.

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