6 thoughts on “I have two questions:”

  1. 1: You can’t, sorry. The Barbarian’s multiclassing specifically says you can’t take other multiclass moves. However, should the GM decide it fits the fiction, you might be able to take a Compendium Class that gives a ranger move.

    2: There are several across the various interwebs, will update later with a link to one i found a while ago that adds all standard races and Orcs. I also believe that the Playkit Plus (he author of which i can’t remember at the moment) adds races so that each class has more, although i can’t recall if it adds ALL of the races

  2. Check out the Class Warfare supplement. It’s meant to be a “build-your-own-class” supplement, but all the “components” you build the class with are also built to function as compendium classes. All of the Ranger abilities are in there somewhere, so you could just meet the requirements for the compendium class and BOOM:  Barbarian with access to some Ranger moves.

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