Next #Stonetop playbook: the Lightbearer.

Next #Stonetop playbook: the Lightbearer.

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Next #Stonetop playbook: the Lightbearer.

I’m trying to make the world of Stonetop feel fairly “low magic,” and so far I’ve avoided any serious mojo in the playbooks. The Judge has some Censure & a bunch of truth-related stuff, and the Heavy has the Storm-Marked background, but this is the first spellcaster

My goal here was to create a divine spellcaster who still fit in a low-magic world. To that end, they don’t really cast spells. Rather they can consecrate a flame and then invoke their god’s power into the light it casts.

Flavor-wise, I had a lot of things in mind while working on this: evangelism, Sufism, Gandalf, gnosticism & Plato, Revelation, a little bit of Johnny Cash.

Anyhow, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Feedbeck welcome & appreciated!

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