6 thoughts on “If you need a last adventure…”

  1. First of all, Mark, very inspiring idea. All cool (no pun intended 😂)!

    The custom moves on the contrary are pretty bad. They are a collection of “if you try to do this: 10+ ok, 7-9 I tell you a single bad thing it’s happening, 6- you fail.”

    This is a very bad oversimplification of how DW standard” Defy Danger” move works. The basic move says: when… Then roll: 10+ you are OK, 7-9 you do it but the GM will add “worse outcome, hard bargain, or ugly choice.” 6- you are in the GM hands, he’ll do a Move.

    You shouldn’t in your custom moves reduce the 7-9 choices to a single phrase. Usually custom moves have at least a list of inspired custom hard choices for ease the GM / player role (so he can quickly choose a bad facet of the action, while the action is still successful). Also, 6- isn’t a failure. It can be a success of the action the player was doing, BUT I as GM can do a move. You should know them very well, however: doing damage, consuming his resources, bring in new opposition in the subsequent scene etc. Etc.

    Usually the custom moves detail the 6- when they add something specific IN ADDITION of the standard GM move. Pointing to a “standard failure” isn’t the meaning of a 6- description.

    I hope these words of mine will help you to become an even better DW stuff creator. Keep on!

  2. Andrea Parducci No worries, Andrea. I post these as “drafts” looking for constructive criticism. Sometimes I may disagree or simply decide its best to move on from an idea I’ve exhausted but you’re input is welcome. I tend to learn the hard way by simply keeping at it as best I can. Parts of this are from an adventure I posted as an experiment earlier in the year and was praised for at that time. Maybe the DW Tavern is getting more sophisticated…Any any event the joy of a starter is use what you want, but I will try harder to make the custom moves more interesting…

  3. Andrea Parducci I also should add come up with a better move and I’ll upgrade in the next draft (and give credit!). I admit “custom moves” aren’t my strong suit…but I will keep at it!

  4. Of course, if the empty space is an hard master, you could remove the custom moves, and simply add a “Suggested Dangers List” in which you give (obviously) a short list of common dangers, to inspire the GM when he needs to come quickly with a difficulty for his players. With this in mind, even a simple list could be more useful than a “bad” move.

    So, something like:

    List of Dangers

    ✴ This will be a long, hard, climb.

    ✴ A snowstorm’s approaching fast.

    ✴ You need to pass thru a long, frail, shaky rope bridge.

    ✴ Suddenly an ice chasm is opening under your feet!

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