Looking for a Homesteading Playbook

Looking for a Homesteading Playbook

Looking for a Homesteading Playbook,

So I want one of the theme’s of my new campaign to focus around the heroes building a new home for themselves. I saw somewhere out there that a guy who went by the name of Fenarisk made a playbook for making a homestead but its locked away behind something-awful’s archive pay gate. So I was curious if anyone knew where to find a copy or if anyone had/knew about a similar resource. I would like to find something with a fair amount of detail, but failing all else cooking up a simple move to accomplish the same thing shouldn’t be too hard.

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  1. Kindof, I liked the stone top supplement, but it’s a bit more specific than I was hoping, I was looking for something more general. Still it provides an excellent and cohesive framework to build off of.

  2. Class Warfare has the Homesteader (I believe?) compendium class, but it’s more about having an estate that develops problems and such. May not have the right flavor for you. I would recommend looking up Sagas of the Icelanders. While its playbooks are certainly not compatible with DW, you might be inspired to turn some of them into custom moves to suit your needs. Plus, the themes of survival, homesteading, and community politics inherent to that game are certainly good reading for similar games.

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