Here is a companion minion for my Grey Folk. They are strange and dark, so if you’re looking for that sort of thing, they will fit right in. Statted For: OSR, Crimson Dragon Slayer, Dungeon World and Into the Odd. Another monster will follow soon!

11 thoughts on “CREATURE FEATURE!”

  1. Sorry for tagging you in the wrong Community. Here is a monster using the improved methodology for DW monster creation Chris Stone-Bush and Andrew Fish!

  2. That HALT move is really powerful. I don’t know if I like it, as there’s no way a character can avoid the effects if they’re in range. It’s not a bad move, just really strong. It turns the monster into a serious threat, especially if there are other monsters around.

  3. Hmm, I will look it over, Chris Stone-Bush​. Perhaps switch the Burden and Halt moves around so Burden gives the clumsy tag as if they were wearing armor, and have HALT give a -1 forward on rolls to avoid and escape anything?

  4. That’s less painful. My issue, and it is probably just a personal one, is that HALT straight up prevents a character from doing something without any way to avoid it. That’s appropriate, but really powerful.

    I might make it a roll move. Something like:

    When you are caught in the rolling shockwave of a shouting Shadow of the Scream, roll+Con. (Or maybe roll+Wis or even Cha if it’s more about mental fortitude or self-confidence.) On a 10+, you’re shaken by the voices and take 1 forward. On a 7-9 you take -1 ongoing and act as though you had the clumsy tag until you leave the cloud. On a 6, you’re Defying Danger to move from your current spot.

    Personally, for effects that take away player agency, like charm or mind control, I like to make it a Defy Danger move. Like “You’re defying danger to do anything other than X”. That encourages the player to have their character comply and makes it difficult to do other things, but doesn’t take away their ability to choose. To make it more attractive, you could even award XP to have the character comply. Like “On a 7-9 you take -1 ongoing and gain 1 XP if you stand rooted to the ground.”

  5. Cool! As I said though that is personal preference about how I like to run my games. Simply having monsters do very nasty things without the characters being able to avoid or mitigate the effects is how some people like to play.

  6. Chris Stone-Bush, you and Andrew Fish have been a huge help on my previous post. I consider you both to be experts, at least compared to me, so I will treat your advice as superior to my own understanding of the rules. Again, thank you for all your help. It can be hard to find people willing to take the time to explain things to a ‘n00b’. 🙂

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