I am not sure I fully understand Bonds. In some rolls you are required to roll +Bond. What is the value of a Bond? I only see sentences for bonds and I use it for narrative purposes and XP. But, how do I count bonds when rolling?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. When you roll+Bonds, you count the number of bonds you have with the character you’re interacting with. For example, if you’re trying to aid Tabatha, you look at your bonds and count the number of bonds that have Tabatha in them.

  2. If it works for your group, then great. There’s been quite a bit of conversation about Bonds and alternatives. For example, Flags. As for Aid/Interfere, many seem to favour using the relevant stat modifier based on the fiction rather than Bond.

  3. In my DW game, I’ve got two Bonds with the Ranger, so I roll +2 when I aid/interfere — which is as good as some of my other stats.

    And if you’re cycling through Bonds with regularity, then you can get solid, big bonuses for different party members easily enough.

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